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Hear from former players and parents.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank PCL and especially Tyler Pace for making our son’s goal of receiving a scholarship and attending a U.S. University come true. Our son enrolled in PCL in his final year of high school and attended a scouting tournament in Baltimore. Through PCL’s coaching and Tyler’s mentoring our son received interest from 21 University’s. Tyler and his team didn’t stop there. Their guidance and experience assisted our family in narrowing down our decision on which schools to shortlist. I will always be thankful for PCL as our son is achieving his goal and was fortunate enough to compete in NCAA final four. Without Tyler and his team's assistance, this would have just been a dream and not a reality.”


“PCL is a program dedicated to helping lacrosse players like myself achieve their dreams of playing at the collegiate level. In my experience PCL was my saving grace, I had only played on one other travel team and had no idea how the recruiting process worked or if I was even good enough to play at a university. Tyler Pace and his roster of phenomenal coaches opened my eyes to a world of lacrosse much larger than I would have known, he and the rest of the PCL crew not only aided my college journey but created it by introducing me to college coaches, giving me opportunities to show my talent to coaches, and answering every question I could ever ask about the recruitment process. I will be forever thankful for the opportunities Coach Tyler and PCL have given me and thanks to them I will be continuing my lacrosse career at North Greenville University. #rollcrusaders


“PCL is a program tailored to your needs as an athlete and a student. I have played on many of the best travel teams across the US and Canada, but PCL is special. Before joining PCL, I felt that I was blind in the recruiting process. I had no idea what questions to ask, how to talk about potential visits, and even how to get my name out there. PCL offers coaching from some of the best lacrosse players in the world who have gone through the recruiting process. Coach Pace takes a personal approach with every PCL athlete. Whether that be developing your skillset or making sure you are performing in the classroom. There was not one day while I was doing university visits that I wasn't on the phone with Coach Pace; asking questions and gaining key advice. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity PCL provided me. I am excited about what Towson University holds for me. Go Tigers.”


“PCL played a huge role in helping our son earn a lacrosse scholarship to play in the NCAA. PCL provides coaches who all play professional lacrosse (who have been through the recruiting process themselves), high caliber practices, travel to top recruiting events in the US & hosting their own local recruiting event. Tyler always made himself readily available to answer any & all of our questions. We would highly recommend PCL to anyone who is wanting to take their lacrosse to the next level.”


“The recruiting process is a daunting experience for high school athletes. Coming from the West Coast of Canada, the recruiting process was especially difficult due to various factors including limited opportunities for exposure and less prominent focus on NCAA sports. I had navigated my way through the recruiting process to the best of my abilities throughout my high school career. In my grade 12 year, I had yet to commit to a school and time was starting to run out. In the fall of my senior year, I joined Tyler Pace's, now, Pro Caliber Lacrosse program in hopes of bringing my recruiting process to fruition. From the practices and SAT preparation course to the tournaments, PCL provided an unparalleled lacrosse experience for BC lacrosse players. After just our first showcase, PCL's Jamboree, I had already received interest from multiple schools as well as an offer. Interest from schools continued to come in after our main tournament, the Autumn Gold tournament. Tyler helped me with recruitment, understanding my needs and providing me with the necessary tools during this time and was able to connect me with Hofstra. I am so fortunate and thankful that I was given this opportunity as I would eventually commit to Hofstra University to play Division I lacrosse. I would like to give a huge thank you to Tyler and the rest of Pro Caliber Lacrosse for your commitment to me and my recruitment. #rollpride.”


“The PCL program provides all of its players with exposure to many US college field lacrosse programs. The high-level coaching staff are well respected by many college recruiters and helped me make contact with key people during the recruitment process. Tyler was a huge help in developing me as a player and was always available to provide guidance and support with my recruiting opportunities.”


“Pro Caliber Lacrosse allowed me to be seen and recruited by college coaches at a level I wouldn't have been able to accomplish on my own and opened the door for me to play at the next level. The coaching staff and program not only elevated my recruiting but also improved and tailored my game to a level that would help me in college and further on into the future.”


“I'd like to extend a big "Thanks!" To Tyler and all the coaches at PCL for helping my boys reach their goal of playing lacrosse at an NCAA University program. Having twin boys, the road to recruitment was both challenging and rewarding. I found that the boys' time at PCL was invaluable. The boys' read to success started with quality coaching. While practices were demanding, knowledge and positive feedback helped my guys understand what would be required at University, as they pursued a scholarship. Liam and Stuart attended University recruiting tournaments with PCL. At these tournaments, the boys were given ample time to shoe their game skills to University Coaches and recruiters.”


PCL and Tyler Pace in my opinion is the most professional well run program in BC. Tyler is extremely knowledgeable about the game, and he always runs great practices and develops the players. Tyler works very hard for the athletes in his program to say the least. He has spent countless hours with Jeremy helping him, guiding him, coaching him, and speaking with college coaches. Jeremy has learned a lot from Tyler and his experienced coaching staff. If you have a child who wants to improve on their individual skills or want to attend post secondary, PCL is definitely where to go. We are forever grateful to Tyler pace and PCL.


Loved the coaching, nothing will beat PCL coaching.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

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