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Pro Caliber Lacrosse is proud to announce the NCAA Prep League. With experience supporting 52 NCAA scholarship recipients, our staff is knowledgeable and prepared to guide you on your recruiting journey. 


Combining high-level coaching with filmed scrimmages on the field and NCAA recruiting guidance off the field, this league will help the participating athletes improve as players while supporting them and their families through the NCAA recruiting process.


If you are a student-athlete who wants to compete at the highest level or aspire to earn an NCAA scholarship, this is the league for you.



8 Monday Night Sessions

January 23rd - February 13th & February 27th - March 20th



Ted Fridge Field, Coquitlam



1.5 hours between 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM



$425.00 + GST



Tryout Combine & Draft


  • The league is limited to 80 athletes graduating between 2022-2026


  • A 3-hour tryout combine will kickstart the season. The athletes can showcase their skills, game sense and competitiveness during the combine's various drills and live play settings. 


  • Two sets of team captains and their coaches will draft every player in the program. The top 32-40 athletes will compete in the Elite Division, while the bottom 32-40 players will compete in the Varsity Division. 


League Format


  • The two teams in each division will compete weekly in a filmed best-of-7 series.


  • Coaches can make trades throughout the season to ensure the highest level of competition. 


  • Every Varsity player will have opportunities to prove that they can compete in the Elite Division and could earn a chance at being called up throughout the season. 


  • If there aren't enough athletes to form 4 teams, the Varsity Division will act as a high-performance development program. 




  • The participating athletes and their families are invited to take part in an NCAA recruiting seminar before the tryout combine. 


  • Throughout the season, the athletes will complete a list of tasks that will help make their recruiting process less stressful.


  • Bi-weekly meetings with our staff will teach the athletes and their families how to complete some tasks and ask any questions they may have.


  • Film from each game will be made available with reviewable notes from our coaching staff and resources for highlight tape creation. 


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