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Dream Big!

Become more than just an athlete.

The Pro Caliber Philosophy

At Pro Caliber Lacrosse, we use lacrosse as a tool to assists aspiring student-athletes in developing life skills and achieving their personal goals. 

We believe that caring more about the individual than the individual's performance will lead that individual to dream bigger, to work harder, and to succeed more. 

Everybody has their own goals and their own idea of success; for some, it is playing professionally, for others, it is becoming a doctor, or a lawyer, or a plumber, or a teacher, but the core values that we preach will provide everybody who commits to the process with the tools, the opportunities, the desire, and the belief to achieve whatever goal they set for themselves.

 ​​“I will do today what others won't, so I can do tomorrow what others can't” - Jerry Rice

Our Core Values


By developing the highest quality programs with the most qualified coaching staff, we are able to provide every participant with opportunities to improve as an athlete, as a student, and as a person. We offer payment plans and sponsorship options to make our programs feasible for all financial situations.


With no parent involvement, we are impartial in our decision making which allows us to focus more on providing the necessary tools required for each student-athlete to excel. Every participant will learn the power of teamwork and will not judge others on their athletic ability, their gender, their race, their religion, or their financial situation, but instead on their willingness to commit themselves to help the team succeed. Equity and teamwork apply just as much to sport as they do to work, to school, and every other facet of life.


Hard work pays off. To us, that doesn't just mean at the lacrosse field. Those who apply a strong work ethic to their sport, to their schooling, and in their relationships will experience the greatest long-term results. Every athletic career will eventually end; a strong work ethic in all areas of life will provide each PCL student-athlete with opportunities as leaders beyond their sport. 

What's in your life's next chapter?

Improving as a lacrosse player while learning from professionals.

Improving time management skills and becoming more accountable in the classroom.

Becoming a better teammate by developing life-skills and improving work ethic.

Submitting report cards to promote academic upkeep.

Gaining exposure to NCAA coaches and institutions.

Earning academic and athletic scholarships to universities all across North America.

It would be our pleasure to assist you!

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